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Supercharge performance with our effective team building programs purposefully designed for remote teams.


Keep your people connected, enliven your virtual meetings and engage your team members in new ways as they navigate to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Bring your teams closer together, expand human connection and build group culture through entertaining and engaging virtual experiences.



Supercharge creativity and promote employee happiness, retention and productivity while your teams adapt to a remote working environment.

Build culture & connection across your remote teams.

Empower your people, ignite their spirits and show them you care during these challenging times by creating unique shared memories together. 

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Thank you again for Friday, it was AWESOME!
The feedback has been fantastic and in fact, we just received feedback from the ANZ Managing Director who attended to say:

“Virtual trivia on Friday was great fun – we need to continue to do more to encourage people to get together outside of their own teams and outside of the actual business day to day.”

– Hollie, People and Culture, Adobe

Team working from home...?

Understand the impact on you, your team & business.

What are we experiencing?

The remote working revolution isn't new. 

But in recent weeks many companies and teams have been rapidly and unpreparedly thrust into a virtual business world. 

And with that change, many managers and employees alike are finding it a challenge to adapt to the new 'normal'.

What are the challenges to business?

The first hurdle often faced is how to choose the right videoconferencing technology to adopt.

Next up is the inevitable communication & coordination challenges to overcome. How do you keep everyone productive and aligned in a virtual environment?

Then follows the adverse impact on employee wellbeing, and the domino effect upon productivity and results. 

What challenges are remote workers facing?

Once the realities of the new isolated environment sets in, a sense of loneliness and mental distress can begin to take hold. 

Sitting at home by yourself all day takes a toll. Then add to this the worry and angst of COVID-19. 

Employees begin to experience a lack of motivation that comes with not being able to leave the house. Natural social interaction is diminished. 

This dims the fire of even those with the brightest inner flame.

Why are we suffering?

Humans after-all are social animals. We need interaction with other people. 

Without a watercooler to swap jokes and stories around, or fun team social events to let their hair down, occasionally remote workers can get lonely, and organisational culture can suffer.

What are the solutions?

Here at OzParty Events we’re always looking for fun ways to bring teams closer together and create meaningful connections.

Purposefully crafted from a decade of event planning, our remote team building activities are a simple yet effective way for you to build relationships, boost morale and maintain culture within your remote teams.

With a wide variety of experiences to choose from your team members can enjoy activities that work with their interests, schedules and overall business objectives.

How can we help?

Amid the escalating panic and anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic, NOW is the pivotal time to over-index on employee welfare and bring a little joy and magic to your team members daily lives.

Our event gurus are on-hand to ease your remote teams into a new world of virtual social interaction.

We can work with any remote teams who have access to a virtual meeting platform. Simple.

Take action, download our virtual activities pack today.  

Popular Virtual Team Building Activities, From $349!


Combat energy poverty with SolarBuddy

Inspire your employees to become a force for good and learn how innovative design solutions can change lives by participating in an online SolarBuddy program. 

Astound with an interactive magic show

Mesmerise, inspire and inject a drop of wonder into your teams' day with a live edgy street magician performance. You'll also learn a simple trick using an object most people will find at home.

Nourish with a wellbeing coach

Uplift, relax anxiety and bring about a calm focus to your remote workforce with a mindfulness session led by a trained coach. Breathe, reset, restore.

Entertain and Engage with a cocktail class

Led by a pro mixologist learn how to shake a martini that would impress Mr Bond or how to nail the perfect blend of sweet and smokey for a classic manhattan. Includes cocktail making kit sent to your home.


Connect and have fun with adventure trivia!

Test your knowledge, get those brain cells firing and have fun together with an adventure trivia session led by our masters of fun. The perfect addition to virtual happy hour!

Classics throwback with a TV gameshow

Flashback to your fave Aussie TV game shows. Get together in teams for a virtual TV game show packed with great energy, fun vibes and a drop of nostalgia.

How does this work?

Step 1

We get to know you.

We ask smart but simple questions.

And we listen.

Our event gurus will take the time to understand the unique dynamic of your remote teams. What challenges are you currently facing? What are your desired outcomes? We then evaluate how we can best achieve a sense of team 'togetherness' through virtual experiences.

Step 2

We work together.

We create your unique virtual event solutions.

We formulate the best virtual experiences for your team. Whether you're looking to stimulate curiosity and play through a live lego workshop. Or ignite creativity through a live drawing class. Or simply keep spirits up and have fun with an adventure trivia night. We will customise a specific event program for your remote team.

Step 3

We prepare you for success.

We deliver.

We debrief.

We send you everything you need before your session.

Your facilitator will dial in within half an hour of the start time to test the setup. Your team members come together to be entertained, educated and engaged through a live virtual event experience.

4 Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Us

Professionally Facilitated

Facilitating virtual team building has unique challenges, and so it pays to have another company do it for you. 

We offer virtual team building activities and online team building games as a service. And we're pretty darn good at it!

Approach Tailored To Your Team

When your team isn't in the same room together, you have to take a different approach to building your company culture. How do you want your team to feel? What values do you want to convey? Be guided on the right virtual experience to achieve your goals.

Support Creative Talent

In delighting your team with one of our virtual team building events you'll be supporting our creatives, entertainers, artisans and charities right across Australia, who are doing it tough amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Supercharge Team Performance

Our activities and programs have been shown to empower remote staff to higher levels of creativity, productivity and performance. As well as igniting playful fun and connection.

Prefer to chat with our event gurus?

Preserve your culture, and create unique shared memories, good vibes and engagement across your remote teams.

FREE Bonus 

A gift of the warm & fuzzies.

Through participating in one of our virtual packages with your remote team you'll be supporting us, alongside our local creatives, entertainers, baristas, artisans and coaches who right now are doing it tough. 

We'll be sure to gift you a BIG thanks, and a healthy dollop of the warm and fuzzies with EVERY booking :)

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